With our in-depth knowledge and expertise, we help businesses navigate the regulatory landscape and ensure compliance with RBI and FEMA guidelines. Here’s an overview of our comprehensive services:

RBI and FEMA Compliance Advisory

We offer guidance on various aspects, such as foreign exchange transactions, repatriation of funds, external commercial borrowings (ECBs), and compliance with cross-border investment regulations.

We assist in interpreting and implementing RBI and FEMA guidelines specific to your industry and business requirements.

Foreign Investment and Capital Account Transactions

We provide consultancy and compliance assistances in foreign direct investments (FDI), portfolio investments, Outbound Investments and other capital account transactions. We help in navigating the complex regulatory framework, ensuring compliance with reporting obligations, obtaining necessary approvals, and adhering to sector-specific guidelines. Our team assists in structuring foreign investments, complying with pricing guidelines, and ensuring compliance with limits and conditions imposed by RBI and FEMA.

Regulatory Approvals and Reporting

We streamline the process of obtaining necessary regulatory approvals from RBI, such as the Automatic Route as well as Approval Route and Downstream Investment (DI) Filing.

Our team assists in preparing and filing the required forms, reports, and declarations, ensuring accuracy and adherence to timelines. We help you comply with reporting obligations to regulatory authorities, including filing of annual performance reports, KYC (Know Your Customer) norms, and periodic returns.

Liaison with RBI and Authorities:

JMJA acts as a liaison between your business and regulatory authorities, representing your interests and ensuring smooth communication.

We facilitate interactions with RBI and other regulatory bodies, assisting in obtaining clarifications, resolving queries, and addressing compliance-related issues.

Issuance of Convertible Notes and other Capital Instruments:

We assist in Compliance as well as consultancy relating to issuance of Convertible Notes (CN) as approved by RBI for Startup Companies, issuance of ESOPs to Foreign Nationals and so on.

Our consultation seamlessly aligns with your strategic approach.