Legal Drafting

Our team of legal experts specializes in drafting a wide range of legal documents, including contracts, agreements, memorandums of understanding (MOUs), and legal opinions.
We ensure that legal documents are meticulously drafted, incorporating relevant legal provisions, terms, and conditions specific to the requirements.
Our professionals have extensive knowledge of various legal domains, enabling us to cater to diverse industries and sectors.

Corporate Drafting

JMJA provides corporate drafting services to assist the clients in various corporate matters, such as Memorandum of Association, Articles Of Association, Shareholders’ Agreements, Share Subscription Agreements, limited liability partnership deeds, schemes of arrangement etc.

We ensure that your corporate documents are drafted with precision, adhering to the applicable laws, regulations, and best practices.

Our team works closely with the clients to understand the business objectives and requirements.


We help organizations develop certain policies and procedures that are required mandatorily as well as for betterment of the clients.

Our experts collaborate with you to understand your organization’s unique needs and ensure that the policies and procedures are clear, concise, and easily implementable.

We assist in drafting policies and procedures related to Anti Money and Anti Bribery, conflict of interest, POSH, Vendor on Boarding Cyber Security Policy, IT policy etc. crucial to the business operations.

Contract Review and Redlining

Our professionals provide meticulous contract review and redlining services, ensuring that your contracts are comprehensive, balanced, and protect your interests.

We analyze contracts for potential risks, ambiguities, and inconsistencies, and offer recommendations to strengthen your position and minimize legal disputes.

Our team assists in redlining contracts, highlighting proposed changes and negotiating favorable terms to achieve optimal outcomes.

Our consultation is always in sync with your strategy