We understand the importance of adhering to company law regulations and maintaining compliance with statutory requirements. Our experienced team of legal professionals provide expert guidance and practical solutions to help your organization navigate the complexities of company law. Here’s an overview of our services

Regulatory Compliance

JMJA ensures that the organization remains compliant with all applicable laws, regulations, and corporate governance codes.
Our team conducts regular compliance audits, reviews statutory filings, and monitors changes in regulatory requirements for a listed entity.

Corporate Governance

We help organizations establish and maintain robust corporate governance practices.
Our team provides guidance on board composition, director responsibilities and shareholder rights.
We assist in developing various policies, codes of conduct, and ethics frameworks.

Board Meetings and Resolutions

We assist in organizing and conducting board meetings, committee meetings ensuring compliance with notice requirements, agenda preparation, and minutes recording.
Our team provides guidance on resolutions, including their drafting, execution, and implementation.
We help ensure that board decisions are properly documented and in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Corporate Filings and Documentation

JMJA manages all aspects of corporate filings and documentation of the clients.
Our team prepares and files annual reports, financial statements, and other mandatory filings with Ministry of Corporate Affairs.
We assist in drafting and reviewing various legal documents, including contracts, agreements, and corporate policies.

Shareholder and Investor Relations

We provide guidance on shareholder rights, including dividend distribution, share transfers, and voting procedures.
Our experts assist in developing effective shareholder communication strategies and facilitate investor relations programs.
We help manage shareholder meetings, proxy voting, and investor queries. We also act as scrutinizers for the shareholder’s meeting.


We represent our clients before the Judicial, Quasi-judicial body like the Hon’ble National Company Law Tribunal, Regional Director, RBI, Registrar of Companies etc.

Deputation Services

One of the Key Reponsibility Area (KRA) of JMJA is to work like an internal unit of our client either as an Virtual Company Secretary or Virtual Compliance Officers in order to provide a support to our clients. While the Client gets an experience of decades to manage the work at a reasonable as compared to hiring them on part time basis, we can dedicate our staff to do the work on day to day basis to provide the optimum utilisation of experience and cost benefit.

Our consultation is always in sync with your strategy