In an era marked by heightened awareness of corporate responsibility and sustainable practices, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations have taken center stage. ESG compliance has evolved from being a mere corporate buzzword to a critical factor that shapes business operations, investor decisions, and regulatory frameworks. While ESG is still recommendatory for all the Companies except few listed entities, CSR is mandatory for all Companies having the Profit, Net worth or Turn over as provided under the Companies Act, 2013. Our expert team is committed to helping organizations design and implement effective CSR strategies that align with their values and contribute to sustainable development. Here’s an overview of our services.


CSR Strategy Development

We work closely with your organization to understand your vision, values, and social impact goals. Our team conducts thorough research and analysis to identify key focus areas and develop a tailored CSR strategy that aligns with your business objectives and stakeholders’ expectations. We assist in formulating goals and Annual Action Plans, defining target outcomes, and establishing metrics to measure the impact of your CSR initiatives.

CSR Policy and Program Implementation

We help you develop comprehensive CSR policies that outline your commitment, guiding principles, and Legal requirement. Our experts assist in identifying suitable CSR programs and initiatives that address priority social and environmental issues aligned with your organization’s core competencies. We provide support in designing and implementing impactful projects, forging partnerships with NGOs and community organizations, and engaging employees in volunteering activities.

ESG Consultancy

At JMJA, we are committed to driving positive change and sustainable growth in India through our comprehensive range of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) services. Our expert team collaborates with businesses to navigate the intricate landscape of responsible practices, ensuring a brighter future for all stakeholders.

We offer services relating to

  1. Environmental Sustainability:
  2. Social Responsibility: (Also popularly known as CSR in India)
  3. Governance Excellence: (Corporate Governance)

At JMJA, we believe in the importance of measuring and communicating the impact of ESG initiatives. Our team assists in developing frameworks and methodologies to measure the social, environmental, and Environmental outcomes.

We help you create comprehensive ESG & CSR reports and communications that transparently showcase your organization’s efforts, achievements, and future goals, building trust and credibility with stakeholders.

Our consultation seamlessly aligns with your strategic approach.